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Canceled orders (third parties)

To see if an order was canceled:

Receive Accounts:

  1. Sign in and click History.
  2. Use the fields to search for the order.
  3. If the order was canceled, you will see Canceled under the status column on the right. For more examples of transcript statuses, visit the Transcript status page.
Third Party Ordering Accounts:
  1. Sign in and click My Orders.
  2. View the status on the left of the order.

We cancel orders for one of three reasons:

  • If the individual did not pass the GED exam.
  • If the individual did not complete the GED exam.
  • If we have no record of the individual taking the GED exam.

If you feel this cancellation has been done in error:

  • Double check the information you entered and resubmit the order if there was a discrepancy. Every piece of information is important in our search. For example, if the individual's name is different today than when they took the test, please resubmit the order and make sure you include what their name was.
  • If the information was correct, please call 1-888-906-4031 (option 2).