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Having trouble opening a document?

If you have received a GED document via email and cannot open/access it, read this step-by-step guide
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  3. Open/download/print GED transcripts (third parties)

Open/download/print GED transcripts (third parties)

When we deliver GED transcripts to your Parchment Receive account or to the email address associated with your Third Party Ordering account, we email you to tell you that you have transcripts waiting. 

To access GED transcripts:

​Third Party Ordering Accounts

The transcript is delivered to the email address associated with your Third Party Ordering Account.

Receive Lite Accounts

  1. Sign in and you will see the transcripts listed in your Inbox.
  2. Click Download to download the transcript to your computer.

Receive Premium Accounts

  1. Sign in and you’ll see the transcripts in To Be Routed.
  2. Drag the transcripts to a Destination. Go to the Destination help topic if you need to set up a destination. Select the transcripts and either:
  3. A blue icon next to the Destination that you dragged the transcripts to will appear. Click this icon.
  4. Click the icon to start processing right away.
  5. Once the transcripts have been processed/zipped, the small blue icon becomes a green icon. This means that your transcripts are processed and ready to be downloaded. You can either click the green icon or click Ready to Download.
  6. Your transcripts now appear in a green ‘package’ and are ready to be downloaded. Click the icon to download your transcripts. 
  7. Your documents will be downloaded to the download folder on your computer.