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Order GED transcript, diploma, certificate

This page is for individuals who took the GED test and want to order their GED transcript, diploma, or certificate. To order another individual's transcript, go to the Third party ordering page.

Important information

  • You can send your document(s) to any destination: to a college, an employer, or yourself, for example.
  • If you send your transcript to a school in the Parchment network, you may only get the option to send it electronically (as opposed to by mail). This is because some schools do not want to receive paper transcripts. This will be made clear during the ordering process.
  • The cost for a GED transcript is $15 (unless you took the GED test in Kansas, where the transcript costs $20).
  • Some states/jurisdictions only allow you to order your transcript; others may offer diplomas and certificates too. 

Order your GED transcript

  1. Sign in.
    • If you took the test on a computer after January 1, 2014, sign in here
    • If you took the test before January 1, 2014 and/or on paper, go to the Transcript request page and select where you took the test. On the next screen, sign in.
    • Need help creating an account? Go to the Register for an account page.
  2. Select which document you want to order.
    • If you want to order more than one type of document, you will have the option to select another document before you submit your order.
  3. Enter the name of the destination. You can search by institution name, acronym, city, state, email address, etc. To send your transcript to yourself, click Send to Yourself.
    • If your destination appears, click Select.
    • If your destination does not appear, click Enter your own next to Not finding your destination?
  4. You can now continue to order your transcript.

What happens next

  • If the system finds your records, your document(s) will be sent out within 24 hours.
  • If the system cannot find your records, or finds more than one record, someone from our technical support team will try to manually find your record. You will receive updates by email.