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Having trouble opening a document?

If you have received a GED document via email and cannot open/access it, read this step-by-step guide
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Order your free printed diploma

You may be entitled to a free printed diploma (depending upon when and where you took the GED test). If you are not entitled to one, we will let you know during the process. 

Step 1: Sign in
  • If you took the GED exam on paper OR before 2014go to the Transcript Request page and select where you took the GED testYou will land on the ordering page. Click Create Account or, if you already have an account if you ordered something previously, sign in.

  • If you took the GED exam on a computer after January 1, 2014, sign in and select Order extra copies of your transcript.
Step 2: Place your order
  1. Select Diploma.

2. Click Send to Yourself, Another Individual, or Third Party.

3. Select Printed Diploma - Free. If you do not see this product listed, then you are not eligible for a free copy of your diploma.

4. Fill in the address fields and click Continue.

5. Confirm the order details and click Check Out if everything is correct.

6. Click Next (since you already provided consent, you do not need to do so again).

7. If you placed any other orders during this process, you may be asked to payOtherwise, the cost will be $0. Click Confirm.

8. You will be brought to an Order Details screen providing you with an order number. Click this number for more details about your order. To track the status of the order, click Order Status.