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If you have received a GED document via email and cannot open/access it, read this step-by-step guide
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Pricing (test-takers)

If you are a third party ordering a GED transcript on behalf of an individual, go to the Third party pricing page.

The cost for a GED transcript, diploma, and certificate is $15 each (except if the test was taken in Kansas, where the cost will be $20).

You are not charged until we send the document(s). If we cannot locate your GED record, you will not be charged. 

Pre-authorization charge
When you place your order, a pre-authorization charge is placed on your credit card account, but you are not charged until we send your document(s). The pre-authorization charge may stay on your account for up to 10 days (in some cases, longer).

Payment methods
Go to our Payment methods help topic for information on ways to pay.