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  1. System requirements

System requirements

We support these browsers*:

  • Google Chrome - current version
  • Mozilla Firefox - current version
  • Apple Safari - current version
  • Windows 10 Edge - current version
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (not supported for P6 Send)

Once a browser is removed from the list above, we continue to support it for another 90 days. You may still be able access our products using the following browsers, but this is not guaranteed: 

  • All other versions of Google Chrome
  • All other versions of Apple Safari
  • All other versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • All other versions of Mozilla Firefox
  • All versions of Android Browser
  • All versions of Amazon Silk
  • All versions of Opera/Opera Mini
  • All versions running in compatibility mode 

We review and update our browser policy on a quarterly basis.

Our browser policy does not apply to mobiles/tablets/phones. It applies to desktop and laptop computers only.

Which browser and version am I using?

The fastest way to find this out is to click on one of these websites:

How do I update my browser?

These links give you information on updating to the latest version.

* We have tested our products with these browsers. If you use these browsers, you can be assured that our product will work the way it is intended.