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Account changes

Update email address
To change your email address, go to the Update email address page.

Change name, date of birth, or contact information
  1. Click Profile > Account Settings.
  2. Make the applicable changes and click Save Settings.
Change graduation/leave year
  1. Click Profile > Account Settings > Transcripts.
  2. Under Class of, select the correct year in the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Save settings.
Change 'name while enrolled' (to your maiden name, for example)
If your name was different when you were enrolled in the school, you need to enter what your name was to help your school find your transcript.
  1. Click Profile > Account Settings > Transcripts.
  2. Click I would like to add a maiden name or variation to help match the credential I'm ordering.
  3. Enter what your first and last name were when you were enrolled.
  4. Click Save Settings.