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Track order

To track your order, you can:

Track your order by signing in to your account and clicking Orders.

  • Under Where's my transcript? in the image below, you will see the status in orange.
  • The Transcript status page explains the statuses in more detail.

Tracking image

Remember that the first thing that happens after you place your order is that we give the order information to your school*. Once your school reviews and approves your order, your transcript will be delivered. If there is a delay in your school reviewing and approving your order, you should contact them directly.

Track your expedited/FedEx order

If you sent your transcript by expedited delivery, you will receive an email from FedEx when we ship your transcript. The email will have a FedEx tracking number on it. You can click on this number to jump straight to the FedEx web page that tells you exactly where your transcript is. Go to the Expedited/FedEx Delivery help topic for more information on this type of delivery.

* If your school is no longer operating and Parchment administers the school's credentials, we will approve and process your order in-house.