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Place an order

Before you place your order

  • You must have an account with us. Go to our Sign up page if you need help creating an account.
  • You must have added the school you attended to your account. Usually this is done during the sign up process but if you haven't done this, go to the Add a school page.

A few things to note 

  • Your school has your transcript*. When you place an order, your request lands in your school's Parchment account where they approve and process your request. Any delays with this will delay your order. You should contact your school if you are concerned about a delay.
  • You cannot change the destination after you place an order. If you enter the destination incorrectly, we can cancel your order and you can place a new one.
  • If you need to send other documents along with your transcript, talk to your school about it because they may be able to attach them when they upload your transcript.

To order your official transcript, watch the video or read below.

Place an order

  1. Click the green Order button. If you don't see this, then you haven't added your school to your account. To do this, click + Add another school or organization you attended.
    Place order image
  2. Select your destination.
    • You can search for a destination, or enter a mailing or email address manually. 
  3. You'll land on the Order Details page.
    • To wait until your next grades are in before sending your transcript, select Hold for Grades from the drop-down menu.
      Send now or hold for grades
    • To send your transcript to another destination, click + Add Another Destination.
    • Your total charges appear on the right side, and include any shipping fees.
    • Click Save & Continue.
  4. Review your order. To make any changes, click Edit Order. Otherwise, click Continue.
  5. You are now on the Provide Consent page. If you've provided consent previously, you may not have to do anything here. Otherwise, this is where you (or your parent/guardian) authorizes Parchment to release your transcript from your school.
    1. Use your mouse or stylus to sign your name in the box.
      Signature image
    2. Type your name into the box and check the box to confirm that you are authorized to order the transcript.
      • For minors, a parent must sign in the box, type their name, and check the box that certifies they are authorized to order the transcript. However, if you are a minor and ordering your college transcript, you can sign.
  6. Click Save & Continue.
  7. You will make a payment, if applicable (we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express). Enter your payment and billing information and click Checkout.

What happens next

  1. Your request lands in your school's* Parchment account and they will review your order.
    • If your school places your request on hold, we will notify you so that you can contact them.
  2. Once your school approves and processes your order, we will send your transcript. There may be instances where your school will print your transcript themselves. You will be notified by email in either case.
* If your school is no longer operating and Parchment administers the school's credentials, we will approve and process your order.