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You must have a Parchment account to order your academic records. You can sign up for a free account in one of three easy ways:

  1. Use a Registration code. This is for high school students whose school sent them an email (or handout) to help them to register. 
  2. Use the Order records link on your school's website. You can only register this way if your school has put an 'Order records' link on their website, which may look like this:
      Order records image
  3. Finally, you can sign up by going to and click the drop down in the search bar next to 'I would Like to'. In the drop down of options, select 'Order my transcript and credentials'. In the 'Order From' search, enter the school that has your transcript. Once you find your school, fill in all the fields (name, date of birth, etc).
    • Check the box if you are a parent/guardian. You will then enter the student's information.
    • Your password must be at least 7 characters long.
    • If you are not yet in college, you will get the option to share your information with colleges. If you opt-in, this means that we will make some of the information you provide to us available to a variety of academic institutions and programs, and then they can send you information about them.
    • After clicking Sign up, check your email for the verification code and then enter it into the screen you were just on. Now you can start ordering records.