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Admission chances provides you with admissions chances at most colleges and universities. Predictions are based on statistical models generated from self reported admission results each year. Transcripts are not used to generate these predictions - only voluntarily submitted user data is used, helping to create a more transparent admissions process. Hundreds of thousands of students have contributed to the Parchment dataset.

A college's acceptance rate tells you about the average applicant's chances of admission. You aren't the average applicant, so the average admission rate at a college doesn’t give you a realistic understanding of your chances of admission. But information about the average applicant is what college guidebooks typically publish. As a result, truly understanding your chances can be a difficult proposition.

To get a meaningful sense of what your chances really are, you'd have to get a broad sample of accepted and rejected students at each college. Fortunately, hundreds of thousands of prior college applicants have generously shared their own admissions results with Parchment, working with us to create a more transparent admissions process.

Using statistical analysis, we have unlocked the information hidden within these applications, and we have generated predictive models to give you a meaningful estimate of your chances of admission to any college in our database.

Remember to update your admissions status at each college as you are accepted or denied admission.  This will ensure your data is included in the predictions for students next year.  You can be a part of a more open and transparent admissions process to help your younger classmates.