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Dashboard/College Tools

Your Dashboard is your home page. It's where you see the school(s) you've attended and any credentials you've ordered.

The Dashboard gives you quick access to all of Parchment's most popular tools so you can easily track transcript orders, and keep track of your college admission process, as soon as you sign in.

The Dashboard also has a 'Quick Questions' drop-down menu which allows you to easily complete your college profile. It is not mandatory to fill out the profile if you only want to place an order for a transcript or other credential. It is only necessary to see your chances of admission, so you should answer as many quick questions as possible.

Quick questions

College Tools

The College List organizes colleges by admission status, and it provides insight into your chances of admission. Seeing your admissions chances can help you make sure you have a diverse enough college list.

We calculate your admissions chances by comparing your profile information with other learners' profile data. However, you are encouraged to apply to any school you are interested in, regardless of your admissions chances, because colleges look at each student holistically. 

With one click, you can export and email your College List to your counselor, featuring the colleges in which you are interested, applying, accepted and rejected.

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