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  3. Store a copy of your high school transcript in your account for free

Store a copy of your high school transcript in your account for free

When you add your high school to your account, you can request a free unofficial copy of your transcript, which can then be stored in your account.

  • The transcript will be available for you to view, print, download and share online.
  • It cannot be used as an official transcript. 

The unofficial transcript does not update automatically when new grades come in.
You can request that your school updates it (instructions below).

Request an unofficial copy of your transcript
You can only do this when you add your school to your account. As you are going through the process of adding your high school, you will see a checkbox (which is checked by default) that asks if you would like to have a copy of your transcript stored in your account. Do not change this if you want to receive the unofficial transcript.

Authorize a copy checkbox

View, print, download, and update your stored transcript

  1. Sign in and you should see the transcript. However, if you have any outstanding orders with your high school, it will say Pending here. 
  2. Click the image of the available transcript to view it (or click Pending).
  • Click the print icon on the top right to print it.
  • Click the download icon on the top right to download it.
  •  To send a request to your school to upload your latest transcript, which will replace this one.

                      1. Click on the image of the transcript, as show in the image below.
                   User-added image
            2. Click Update at the bottom of the screen. 

User-added image

After your school has processed the request, click on the image of the transcript to view the most current copy. 
  • Click Send to place an order to send your official transcript somewhere. This takes you to the ordering screen.