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FedEx/Overnight/Expedited delivery

If you are sending your transcript by mail, you can choose to send it by expedited delivery (we use FedEx Standard Overnight Delivery for expedited delivery). This means that once your school uploads your transcript to Parchment, it will be delivered the next business day (as long as we receive your transcript by 2pm Mountain Standard Time*). If your school uploads your transcript after 2pm MST, it will take an extra business day to be delivered.

  • FedEx does not deliver on Saturdays/Sundays.
  • FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes.

Track your FedEx order

You will receive an email when we ship your transcript. The email will have a FedEx tracking number on it. You can click on this number to jump straight to the FedEx web page that tells you exactly where your transcript is.

International FedEx
If you send your transcript outside of the United States and select expedited delivery, we will send it using FedEx International Priority, which delivers typically in 1 to 3 business days. 

*We are in Arizona and do not observe daylight savings time. We are always on Mountain Standard Time.